“Stephanie is an innovative practitioner dedicated to getting a strong message across about our relationship with architecture and space.”

– Sharon Stammers, UK co-ordinator, PLDA – Professional Lighting Designers Association


The research focus
 of STEPHANIE BRANDT Studio is on the development and the potentials of narrative environments for companies, municipalities, public organisations and institutes. Our aims are to analyse current trends as well as to generate new knowledge and innovative ideas for the transformation of everyday urban spaces.

Alongside our own projects, STEPHANIE BRANDT. Studio creates work with and for partner institutes from academia, industry and urban planning.

Interdisciplinary research and expertise for companies, municipalities and institutes:



Our activities are split in two key areas: on a cross-disciplinary level URBAN STRATEGIES engages with all those research activities dealing with long-term trends and developments in urban planning, demography, technology, economy, politics and society. Within SPACEPILOTS we focus on the development of experimental, narrative planning and design methods, setting up pilot projects and temporal interventions.


At the interface between academic research and practice STEPHANIE BRANDT Studio sees itself also as a platform to generate new modes of knowledge transfer. An important basis for this to happen is set by the dissolution of the traditional separation of disciplines and the disentanglement of hierarchical concepts.

Our research aproach is founded on a variety of approaches: depending on the particular focus and the aim of a project we use cross-innovation, scenario design, human-centred research, expert discussions, workshops, and design work to gain a complex understanding of the given task.