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We actively engage in current debates by frequent publications of articles, project reviews – and critiques, as well as subject related research.

We also offer our support as co-authors and to create commissioned studies and reports for your particular business or subject.

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READ ZINE EINS, Magazine: Cultural and spatial analysis of the PASSAGEN, IMM Cologne 2011. Published in collaboration with KOMMA4 architects, Fabian Holst and Dr. Martin Kiel [IIÄ, Institute for Investigative Aesthetics], 80 pages, limited edition.



Living Landscapes, Essay, for Springer Publishers, Series: Geography, ISBN 978-94-017-8535-8


AlterArchitectures, Manifesto, published by Eterotopia (I), Infolio (F).
ISBN 9 782884 742641

Activate & Involve, Article, pp. 40-41, for Activate & Involve Magazine, by Wonderland, Wien, A.

Conversations with Michael Webb published in Immaterial Architecture, Jonathan Hill, p. 145/147, Routledge, ISBN-10: 0415363241

Hörmal Labor#01: StairCases – Essay, The Global Composition, ISBN 978-3-00-038817-0.

The sound in between, Essay, published in Planos de (Inter)seccion – Materiales para un dialogo entre filosofia y arquitectura, ISBN: 978-84-615-3772-3.


The Sound in between, Essay for Studia Philosophia


The Urban Islands Project, project review, published in ADAPTIVE ACTIONS MADRID, pp64/65, ISBN: 978-0-9866375-0-6

Unlocking the City #01., published in News from the Architectural Association, AArchitecture, Issue 11, The AA School, London, UK.


Architecture, Public Memory and Ethical Reflection – a thought on critical design, space and user experiences; as part of: Ethics and the professional Culture – A multidisciplinary approach, The University Press of Cluj-Napoca, RU.


Narrative Design: Meaningful Places for People – A study on the relevance of Narrative in Spatial Design Education; Essay, Design Research 2009, International Association of Societies of Design Research [IASDR], Seoul, Korea.


The Art of Memory, Essay in: Invitation to ArchiPhen, Some Approaches and  Interpretations of Phenomenology in Architecture, ISBN978-965-91138-3-5

Conversation Pieces, Four
 [Erase, The Philadelphia Experiment, Building History by Tales, Botenstoffe ..the card is not the ground], Szenario Design und Essays für E.R.R.A. [Accidents, Noise and Errors in architectural design]UHF05, Madrid, Spanien, ISSN 1697-994X.



What´s the role of Architecture?

What´s the role of Architecture? Stephanie Brandt, online publication in The (New) Book of Questions.



PASSAGIER [13], Interior Design Week Cologne, D. A project review by Vera Pache, WDRonline


Sensescapes, Project review by Gideon Sykes for Lighting Magazine, GB, Dec/Jan 2010


The Architect’s Newspaper, New YorkBaumeister 
Blueprint Magazine, London The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture
Studia Philosophia WordPress