PASSAGIER [13] – Concept and Project Lead. 


Presented and acted out alongside The International Furnishing Show, Cologne, 14-20.01.2013.
Designed on invitation of the PASSAGEN Organisation, Office Sabine Voggenreiter

PASSAGIER [13] is an experimental building practice project developed together with students of the RWTH Aachen and the Institute for Housing and Design.

























with kind support of:


ecosign Akademie Köln

Fotografie Hanano

Die Tischlerei

PASSAGIER [13] aims to detect potential urban spots and to re-animate them together with the visitors and the inhabitants of the area. PASSAGIER [13] is the name of a piece of street furniture; simple to make, carry and adjust!

 [13] has been set up in 3 phases:

1. a student competition: design a light weight, portable piece of furniture  – PASSAGIER [13] – with a clear identity, easy to build and assemble -ideal to reanimate an urban niche.
2. The winning design will be build together with the PASSAGENvisitors in form of a live-workshops and tested in the immediate cityscape x-times during the PASSAGENweek! (- As it turned out we picked 2 designs to go ahead for the workshop: the Citybag and the urban table.)
3. Another crucial part of the project is to evaluate the results after the design fair week. 


All students attempts, ideas and final designs and learning outcomes from the design week will be presented in Spring 2013 in form of an exhibition, an online publication and life presentation at the Design Quartier Ehrenfeld, Cologne.

The overall idea is based on an Initiative SPACEPILOTS runs since 2009 under the title of: The Urban Islands Project.

Team: Stephanie Brandt, Lisa Busch, Laura Ella Fuchs, Benno Helpenstein, Mariel Kaiser-Crompton, Anika Karthaus, Hannah Koschinski, David Damian Krey, Seeja Frederike Lorenzen, Dilara Orujzade, Maha Sawas, Laura Svenja Stock, Sadra Taasoli, Anna Wulf

Design, Gehtisch (Urban Table):

Benno Helpenstein

Design, Stadtbeutel (City Bag):

Seeja Frederike Lorenzen, Maha Sawas, Anna Wulf