hearing – building


HEARING BUILDING – Workshop and Exhibition

Workshop and Exhibition as part of the Festival Bonn Hoeren 2014.
Stephanie Brandt, Ariane Wilson – HörMal Lab, architecture and sound – and Raviv Ganchrow (US/NL) in cooperation with the RWTHAachen and the »Beethovenstiftung für Kunst und Kultur der Bundesstadt Bonn«



Workshop: May 19th.-24th. 2014
Presentation: June 14th. 2014 – 2pm
Exhibition: June 15th.-29th.2014

Location: Bad Godesberg, Hansa House

every place has an aural ambience and everyday contact with such places conditions our modes of hearing. material and social attributes of civic space constitute diverse, yet recurring, acoustic strata that gradually inform subconscious patterns of listening. public space in particular is the habitat where a shared auditory awareness is forged. this workshop investigates bonn’s civic space as a form of hearing technology. a collaboration between rwth aachen (architecture department) and the sound artist raviv ganchrow will focus on the network of pedestrian paths in the district of bad godesberg in order to hear out its ambiance and build up strategies that orchestrate its aural affordance. the aim is to survey audible characteristics in a confined territory of the district and locate distinctive sono-spatial vantage points. instead of working with microphones and audio editing software, the process will stay close to architectural methods of site analysis and model-making in order to construct small chambers for the ears that hone specific auditory aspects of the surroundings. the public is invited to listen in situ to these tuned ambiances and explore related research material in a nearby exhibition.

Festival Bonn Hoeren 2014