SPACEPILOTS is a collaborative, design and research-led platform of architecture and urbanism founded by Stephanie Brandt in 2008. 

Within SPACEPILOTS we focus on the development of experimental, narrative planning and design methods, setting up pilot projects and temporal interventions.


PLACES for people somewhere between madness and normality.




URBAN RITUALS – Pilot project as part of the EU Initiative CityandArt.

READ – experimental Trend-outlook regarding future perspectives of the International Furniture Fair, IMM Cologne / PASSAGEN.

BENCH – Concept design and competition winner of interactive urban transformations in Amsterdam.

PASSAGIER 13 –  Pilot project of interactive urban transformations in Cologne.

THE LISTENING PROJECT – Case study: soundmaps and audio-guides for future education systems in the UK.

HEARING – BUILDING – Research work on City-Sound-Space.

PARKTOWN – Summer Show Exhibition Design for the MA Creative Practice for Narrative Environments, CSM, London, UK.

THE URBAN ISLANDS PROJECT – reviving places. Project series re. experimental transformations of urban space.

PLACEmaking – Workshop: “how to make PLACES?”

BUILDING A DRAWING – Perspectives on architectural representations.

NAKED VOICES – Sound installation.

CONVERSATION PIECES – Concept design for Urban Space by Design, RIBA Competition and Exhibition, London, UK.

HEADSPACES – Conversation Pieces [Case Study B].

RUBBISH AND ARCHITECTURE (A THOUHT) – Conversation Pieces [Case Study A].