Projektkonzeption und Umsetzung. Klanginstallation. 


Stephanie Brandt in Kollaboration mit Giulia Sala.  
Ausgestellt, als Teil des The Market Estate Project, 6. März 2010.


Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von:







An early 70’s flat at The Market Estate revived to be opened to the public for the first – and only – time: Naked Voices is a sound installation reflecting on the notion of home within the particular settings and current changes undergoing at the Market Estate, North London. 

The spaces temporarily revived, inviting its visitors onto an experiential journey that unfolds – physically and temporally – over 3 levels.

Based on the memories of its residents.

The Guardian: ‘Dereliction of beauty: Artists take over London’s doomed Market Estate.’

Art Licks: ‘This project is a fantastic example of what you can do with passion and enthusiasm. Its five months will have undoubtedly inspired others to play with their ideas in other spaces, whilst having given an area that was destined for destruction, a creative energy and focus.’

The Market Estate Project