Living Landscapes # 03


LIVING LANDSCAPES #03 – Projektkonzeption und Umsetzung.

Intervention im öffentlichen Raum, Roscoe Street, London, UK.

In Kollaboration mit Architektin und Künstlerin Carol Mancke.

How are landscapes lived on, in and through? And how are these landscapes and environments revealed, imagined, animated and experienced by, in and through use and interaction?

´While a game is in progress everything is considered to be in motion, changeable, flexible […].

Every game functions in a certain sphere/field/environment which is predetermined in a material or imaginary way and follows certain rules. It forms a temporary world into the real world devoted to the performance of activities that are not related to the aspects of everyday life.´ Johan Huizinga, Homo Ludens




Working closely with an East London neighborhood, a series of urban games and activities have been developed to activate latent or liminal attributes of place. They are provoking users and occupants to experience and appreciate the surrounding differently – if only for a moment.


Living Landscapes #03 is transforming and enriching the way we perceive and use our built environment.