Against the Grain


Against the Grain. On the narrative characteristics of architecture

The 2-day event questions the role of architecture and the up-to-dateness of narrative in architectural design  through performative talks, visionary presentations and impromptu dialogues. 

Against the grainAgainst the grainAgainst the grain

Images© Moniek Wegdam

Our particular interest with this symposium is to investigate and open up a debate on the importance of narrative design not only in the 60s-90s, but today – and for future terms.

Inarrative architecture still relevant to the current condition? How is it being used and adapted in theory and practice today? And how does it differ from other, more traditional methods of architecture? Has it changed from then to now? And if so, how?… These and other questions are addressed in this special two-day symposium, with: 

*   Naja & DeOstos, London  
*   Jacob Voorthuis, TU Eindhoven 
*   Wim van der Bergh, RWTH Aachen  
*   Klaske Havik, TUDelft/ Writingplace, Delft 
*   Patricia Austin, MA Narrative Environments, London 
*   Koen Deprez, Brussels 

The symposium is organised by Bureau Europa in collaboration with the department and institute for housing and design at the RWTH Aachen.